The German company ‘Man Trucks & Bus’ is a well-renowned truck manufacturer that is a part of the Volkswagen Group. The arrival of the MAN TGE is their first venture into the light commercial vehicle market. MAN are no strangers to the commercial vehicle world due to their highly rated range of coaches and trucks. MAN released a statement that the TGE is a commercial vehicle and the range was expanded to include Dropside, Tipper and Luton Bodies. The MAN TGE possess similar qualities to the Volkswagen Crafter so it has the same strong, well-built engine and superb convenience technology like trailer parking assistance.


When acquiring a MAN TGE you get many options to suit your driving style. Choices between front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive, and the option between manual and eight-speed automatic transmission. There are also options with the vehicles size, long, extra-long and standard. This commercial van has many variants that truly suit and driver and can complete any job. On the inside, the TGE’s running gear is similar to that of the Crafter. The weights begin at 3 tonnes and move up to 5 tonnes. It’s clear from the variety of models that MAN is serious about catering for every need in the large van sector.

Sticking to the theme of their other commercial vehicles MAN have kept the naming structure for their van. The different models are identified by the gross weight and power output of the vehicle. So a TGE 3.180 has a 3-tonne payload and a 180PS engine. Keeping the naming format of the other commercial vehicles in the MAN range reinforces the idea of commercial use for the new van range.

Although the MAN TGE and the Volkswagen Crafter possess many similarities there are some differences. The MAN TGE has an amazing service back-up that will be available from MAN Truck dealerships and service centres. The service they provide will a van off the road for a short period of time, whereas the 24-hour services centre can have your van back on the road overnight. They also provide mobile emergency service that will send a dedicated service and repair technician to help get you on your way as soon as possible.

The MAN TGE truly is a spectacular vehicle that has a good balance of performance and efficiency. The van uses 2.0 TDI so there are three single-turbo engines and the twin-turbo diesel that offers competitive fuel economy and feature stop-start as standard. The TGE also use SCR catalytic technology to reduce emissions. The TGE is not only a great commercial vehicle with excellent performance and amazing efficiency, it is also very comfortable. With the well-resolved suspension, the van does not bounce as much as rival vans and has a smooth drive with and without a payload on board.

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