Man Trucks For Sale And Hire In Ireland – A Closer Look At The Range


At Dennehy Commercials, we pride ourselves on offering new MAN trucks to businesses of all shapes and sizes. With a range of vehicles to suit every need, there’s never been an easier way to find the right vehicle to get the job done.


Hiring vs Buying a Man Truck

When you consider whether to hire a vehicle or to look for MAN trucks for sale, there are a few things to consider. MAN truck hire through Dennehy Commercials allows you to save money on costly maintenance to maintain healthy cash flow. Every vehicle will need upkeep from time to time, by hiring or leasing you can stay in the driving seat as well as avoiding the upfront buying costs.


There’s also the added convenience of always having a team with decades of expertise by your side. If the needs of your business change, your vehicle breaks down, or you decide you need a change, hiring gives you the most flexibility. Rather than being tied to a vehicle you’ve bought outright, our hiring options give you a choice.


The final thing to say in favour of hiring a Truck is that you can often expense the leasing costs. That is an excellent way of keeping your costs down and running the lean and efficient business that we all aim for. When it comes to MAN trucks Ireland has been using us for years, so let’s take a look at some of your options.



Our new MAN Trucks

With options to suit every business, we pride ourselves on always offering you a choice. The MAN TGL is a highly versatile option for the company that wants to be prepared. With weights up to 12 tonnes and sleeper cabins as an added extra, they are trusted by thousands of companies.


The MAN TGX takes the latest in aerodynamics and fuel efficiency to create a vehicle perfect for the long haul. With long distance delivery still easiest by road, the TGX offers efficiency, comfort, and reliability. That allows you to get the job done with minimal fuss.


If versatility is what you need then the MAN TGM is a tried and trusted all-rounder. A mid-weight vehicle that is suitable for a broad range of road conditions, it’s the economical option. By leasing rather than purchasing outright, you’ll have the flexibility that you need to grow your business.


Next on our list is the MAN TGE a versatile panel van that’s perfect for contractors. There is a range of sizes and options available through Dennehy Commercials which makes it ideal for contractors. We’ve been helping tradespeople in every profession for decades find their perfect vehicle so you can be sure of expert advice.


MAN TGE Vans For Sale


Last but not least we have the MAN TGS. With the ability to work offroad and with weights up to 41 tonnes, it’s the vehicle of choice in the construction industry. By removing the costly overheads of purchasing, our leasing and hiring options give you the freedom and flexibility you need. Ideal when you need to get the job done!