If you are looking for a new van to add to your fleet, there are plenty of options available. One that seems to stand out as a leader in the field is the new MAN TGE van which offers plenty of features and a wide choice of configurations to suit your business needs.

MAN TGE V Volkswagen Crafter

The Man TGe and the volkswagen Crafter or two different flavours of the same vehicle, both coming with various different bodies. These are strong, versatile and durable vehicles can assist any type of business whatever their needs may be. The difference will come down to the quality of after services with MAN also being strong on after sales offering quality maintenance and breakdown assist options. The interior of the vans will also differ so it is a case of what suits you best. MAN has been a trusted name in the commercial vehicle market for a long time and this first foray into the van market looks to be now different.


MAN TGE V Mercedes Sprinter

The previous versions of the Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter were very similar but they have now parted ways and both come out with new offerings. Man Tge And Crafter come with Front Wheel Drive while the Mercedes Sprinter comes out of the box with Rear Wheel Drive. The Sprinter comes with a 2.1 litre engine while the MAN TGE’s 2.0 litre engines drives more smoothly and makes less noise. The vans are very similar but the team here are all siding with MAN TGE for its flexibility, interior, aftersales and smooth driving.



As well as front wheel drive models, the MAN TGE now offers rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive versions. These options are available whether you go for the chassis cab or the panel van. There is also a great choice when it comes to engine powers. The range includes 102ps 122PS, 140PS, and 177PS engines although not all of these are available on all models. The top three are only available on rear wheel drives and top two for the all-wheel drives. The full range is available for front wheel drive models. And you can combine the most powerful engine with the optional eight-speed twin-clutch automatic gearbox. Expect to pay around £700 – £1000 extra for this feature.



The rear-wheel drive is heavier so you lose a little capacity as the maximum payload is 1,197kg for the standard-length 140ps model. This is about 124kg less than the front wheel drive gives you. On the plus side, however, it offer greater towing capacity and can pull up to 3.5 tons. A similar issue arises with the all-wheel drives where the capacity drops by around 130kg. The design of the rear wheel and all-wheel drive vans also means less interior space. This is because the floor is 10cm higher which takes away about 0.6 cubic meters.



The MAN TGE is comfortable to drive and there are plenty of features available to make driving it an enjoyable experience. It offers good visibility and the design is well laid out to make its many features easy to use. There are plenty of useful add-ons to enhance your driving experience. These include adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist as well as parking sensors, speed limiters, a camera to help with reversing.


When driving the rear wheel type, you might notice some slight vibration. However, this only happens when the vehicle is empty so is not a significant issue.



Comparing the two most powerful versions, the 140ps comes close to the top 177ps engine in term of performance. However the 140ps is more fuel efficient. So unless you are really going to use that extra power, that is something worth keeping in mind.


The all-wheel drive model cost extra £1500 – £2000 compared to front wheel drive but can tackle rougher terrain and handles the road better in bad weather. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who operated in more rural areas.


After Sales Service

The TGE MAN offers good after sales service which can be customised to meet your business needs. You have the option 24-hour breakdown cover which also offers a replacement vehicle if needed. Out of hours servicing is available so you can minimise downtime by arranging the service at the time that suits you best.


To Sum Up

The MAN TGE is a high-performance vehicle which offer a wide range of useful features which you can combine to create the van that will work best for you and your fleet.


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