Van Contract Hire Ireland: The Dennehys Beginner’s Guide


When you want to move a big load from A to B hiring a van is the simple way to get the job done. With over 40-years in the business, we’ve made van hire simpler than ever before. Our fleet of vehicles includes the ever-popular Renault Kangoo, Renault Traffic & Renault Masters, and we even offer truck hire Limerick and truck hire Dublin that covers everything from Man to Renault to Ford for those moves that need a little more size and power.


Whether you want to hire or lease, why not take a look at the Dennehys easy to follow Van Rental guide?


Van Hire Limerick: Everything You Need to Know

Limerick is one of our most popular areas for van hire, which is exactly why we’re based here! With a whole host of people moving to the area, it pays to hire a van to move into your new home. If you plan on doing the same, we’ll happily use over 40-years of experience to make sure you get the right van, for the right price, and for a duration that works for you.


Choose Your Size, Choose Your Duration

By weighing up how much you need to move and how many trips you’re willing to take, you’ll be able to figure out how big a vehicle you would like to hire. The other thing to consider is how long you think the move will take you; we always recommend erring on the side of caution because the last thing you want to be doing is rushing your move or having to come back another day.


One thing’s for sure; your van rental Limerick issues will become simple and straightforward when you get in touch with our experienced and reliable professional service who’re always ready to answer any questions you may have.


Van Hire Dublin: Preparing for City Driving

When you consider van rental, Dublin will often be one of your destinations purely because of the size of the city which is why we are proud to have a prime location in the nation’s capital. This means that you’ll need to prepare correctly for driving a larger vehicle than you’re used to around some busy urban streets. If you want to find your way around the city in no time at all and avoid those dead ends why not also hire a GPS from us? Ideal for getting you from A to B faster than ever before!


Documentation is Key

The first thing to do every time you consider hiring a van is to check that you have all of your documentation and paperwork in order. By making sure you’re legally allowed to drive your intended hire vehicle, you’ll be saving yourself some potential headaches further down the line. If you’re in doubt, then just remember; at Dennehys we’re always available to answer your questions and queries.


Anything Else?

This is always a question worth asking. If you need specialist lifting equipment or restraints to carry your load safely then make sure you have everything you need before you set off. If you’re ever in doubt, just remember that at Dennehys we’re always here to take your call.